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New menus, new tableware, new beginnings!

Welcome back!

Though a lot of us may still be away from Jakarta for their summer holidays, Eid came and went and Komunal88 is still the best place in Kemang to enjoy freshly cooked food and our full range of products, including our famous Parma ham, now that the holy month of Ramadan is behind us.

Since Eid, as many have already seen, we have started using different colours of tableware for pork and non-pork dishes, to provide even better service and peace of mind to all.

Yes I know… selling pork in Jakarta is a bit of controversy … but this is a matter of personal philosophy. I believe in tolerance and mutual respect. I hold that race, creed and nationality, though significant, are finally irrelevant as they always fail to define us, even though people want to reduce us to labels, to tick the check-boxes and believe they know us: "where are you from?" they ask; "what's your religion"; "what do you do"?

I am acutely aware that we live and work in the most populous Muslim country of the world. And yet, I make it a point to serve and retail D.O.P. salumeria from Italy, which means pork, as well as non-pork alternatives.

I mean no disrespect, just the opposite! It's like my couple: East and West, Catholic and Muslim, living in harmony and mutual understanding.

Our menu for this week:

Home-made gnocchi with asparagus cream and tuna bottarga



Fresh fusilli with crispy chicken and a slice of pecorino cheese



Grilled Australian cube roll with aioli sauce and French fries



Pan-fried salmon fillet with mashed potatoes and rocket salad pesto




More than ever, I'm the one you should kick.