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Ramadan at Komunal88

Fasting for the month of Ramadan is about to start, a time of reflection, peace and renewal.

You will notice, as you come to Komunal88 that we chose to make a few changes during that time. Stickers on the window will provide some added privacy so that we do not offend anyone who fasts. Also, out of respect for our Muslim brothers and sisters, we shall refrain from using pork in our dishes and selling it in the store. But fear not! All dishes that you have come to love for these past five months are available in their non-pork version, and Bresaola is a great substitute for Parma ham, both coming from Italy and sourced from the best suppliers!

For Eid El Fitri, we have stocked a great selection of tea items: tea bags, gift boxes and syrups, since these will make a perfect gift basket for your loved ones!

Our schedules during will remain pretty much unchanged, as we shall keep opening at 07:00 AM to provide arguably the best croissant in town to those of us that do not fast. As always, our egg dishes are available throughout the day, meaning they could be a good way to break your fast.

See you very soon at Komunal88