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The Kitchen is Now Open!

Nous avons commencé sur un air de tango…

If you’re French (or into poetry), that verse is an alexandrine, a line of twelve syllables and I could translate it by: we started at the sound of the bandoleon (also an alexandrine…)

On the 5th of February, while our chef has barely joined and the kitchen was nowhere near fully operational, we were brave enough to book a tango afternoon for 50 people in our function space upstairs, complete with hot buffet of fresh pasta and Italian delicacies. We’ve done that because the event was organized by someone who placed her trust in us, someone who has enjoyed our hospitality from the very beginning. We’ve done that because Komunal88 is about creating a community and building links with others.

Komunal 88 is a café-market for food enthusiasts, people like us, who care about what we eat or drink. We are purveyors of gourmet products, from countries with a long culinary history and a vibrant food culture, such as Italy and France in the Old World, but also the Middle East, such as Turkey or Iran, and more recently as well in the New World, such as Brooklyn, USA. We source as many products as possible from Indonesia, choosing the best and most reliable suppliers to sustain our supply to our customers.

We’re almost there.  Chef Mirko has joined, we’ve had the full menu running for a couple of weeks now and the initial response is good, so whether for breakfast, lunch or even dinner, just come in and check us out!  The menu will surprise you and delight you!

Without your feedback, we won't be able to learn, improve and grow, and I urge you to tell us how we are doing, especially if it's bad. Telling us how we are doing and how we may improve would therefore be a tremendous favour!

My team and I pledge to address personally each of your concerns.

So for now, bon appétit!

JC Blachère
“I’m the one you should kick…”