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Welcome to Komunal88

Thank you and welcome!

Thank you for braving the big "Soft Opening" window sticker and entering Komunal88 these last few days. Whatever it was that made you enter and sit down, I am grateful for the chance you are giving us to show you what we aim to accomplish.

Komunal 88 is a café-market for food enthusiasts, people like you and I, who care about what we eat or drink. We are starting this café-market because we believe that you deserve the most natural, healthy, and honest products available – only what we would eat ourselves and serve every day to our own families. Ours is a labour of love and passion that we want to share with you.

This newsletter will be the best way for us to keep you informed of what is happening at Komunal 88, which products we have received, which small batches we have produced, and we look forward to start a beautiful conversation with you, always listening to your input. We shall indeed only be truly able to fulfil you if we have an actual dialogue. We have lined up enough social media accounts so that you can reach out to us, and I urge you to tell us how we are doing, especially if it's bad.

Without your feedback, we won't be able to learn, improve and grow. Telling us how we are doing and how we may improve would therefore be a tremendous favour!

My team and I pledge to address personally each of your concerns.

So for now, I wish you a great year for 2015 and I wish you bon appétit!

JC - I'm the one you should kick - Blachère