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About Us
About Us

Komunal88 is a café-market for food enthusiasts, people like us, who care about what we eat or drink. We are purveyors of gourmet products, from countries with a long culinary history and a vibrant food culture, such as Italy and France in the Old World, but also the Middle East, such as Turkey or Iran, and more recently Brooklyn, USA in the New World. We source as many products as possible from Indonesia, choosing the best and most reliable suppliers to sustain our supply to our customers.

We created Komunal88 because we believe that you, our customer, deserve the most natural, healthy, and honest products available - only what we would eat ourselves and serve every day to our own families. Ours is a labor of love and passion that we want you to experience. We have rediscovered and implemented here the way our grandmothers used to shop for food: by talking to a knowledgeable shopkeeper, taking the time to stop and sample to convince themselves they were getting the best products for their loved ones

This is meant to be "the beginning of a beautiful friendship" dialogue. We have lined up enough social media accounts so that you can reach out to us, and I urge you to tell us how we are doing, especially if it's bad.

My team and I pledge to address personally each of your concerns.

So for now, bon appétit!

JC Blachére
"I'm the one you should kick..."